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Precision Application.  from Ag Leader, the Intgrea & INSIGHT DirectCommand system allows operators to control application rates directly from the Intgrea or INSIGHT display, eliminating the need for a separate in-cab controller, reducing cab clutter and more tightly integrating technology from field to office.

The DirectCommand system connects directly to most common brands of flow meters and control valves and will work with up to 10 boom valves for either manual or automatic boom section control.  For vehicles that do not already have factory installed boom switches, DirectCommand comes with it's own 10-boom switch box for times when manual boom section control is desired. For vehicles with factory boom switches already installed, DirectCommand conveniently uses those switches instead.  The system can also read and display an optional pressure sensor, which means you don't have to look outside the cab at a hard to see gauge.


AutoSwath™.  With DirectCommand comes an exciting feature called AutoSwath™. AutoSwath automatic boom control allows the INTGREA & INSIGHT display to automatically shut off individual boom sections as the sprayer enters into and out of already applied areas, which is especially useful around point rows, waterways and field borders where over-application is most likely to occur.  AutoSwath also works on applicators that do not have boom control such as anhydrous toolbars, spreaders, and air carts. 


Skips and Overlaps map.  An on-screen coverage map showing skips and overlaps as small as one foot is now available as a new mapping feature.  Areas that are overlapped will show up as a dark green color and areas that are skipped will show white on the map, allowing the operator precise and instant feed back of what has been applied.

Field Boundary Mapping.  INTGREA & INSIGHT's boundary function allows you to map your field boundaries on the first pass around the field while you are planting, applying, or harvesting.  Left and right offsets are available to ensure accurate acreage measurements of your field.


DirectCommand Switchbox.  DirectCommand Switchbox is for times when you do not wish to use the AutoSwath feature.  The boom switches on the DirectCommand Switchbox override the rest of the system, giving you ultimate control at your fingertip.  For vehicles that already have boom switches installed in the cab console, the DirectCommand system will interface with them providing a clean installation.

DirectCommand Modules.  The DirectCommand Modules convert the signals from items such as control valves, flow meters, boom valves and radar guns to CAN messages for the Insight.  In turn, the Insight sends CAN messages to the modules to control your equipment.  The DirectCommand modules are rugged and weatherproof and designed to be installed outside the cab.   

Vehicle Installed Components.  DirectCommand System is compatible with most popular rate control products on the market.  Components such as boom valves, flow meters, flow control valves, pressure sensors, and radar guns typically come installed on the vehicle from factory and Insight's DirectCommand System will hook directly up to them.   

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