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MFA Precision Advantage

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Precision Planting 20/20
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AG Leader Yield Monitors

Yield monitors and support
Monitor yield variablity in your fields from your combine. MFA sells Agleader yield monitors as well as a full line of GPS receivers. We provide installation and calibration support, helping you achieve a high level of accuracy with your investment. 
For more Information Contact Ken Harvey 660-341-5196

Each yield analysis map comes with:

  • a color-coded legend
  • minimum, maximum, average and total bushels per acre for the field

Yield Monitoring

The PFadvantage will display and record yield, moisture, combine speed, grain flow, acres, distance, wet bushels, dry bushels, and acres per hour, plus more. It organizes data by year, farm, field, grain, and load for easy identification. Data can be transferred to a computer to print summaries of all fields. 

Yield Mapping

Add GPS and memory card and the PFadvantage will automatically record the instantaneous information to print yield and moisture maps.  As a mapping system, the PFadvantage will perform all the monitoring features above, plus create an on-screen field map and allow spot marking of rocks, holes, etc. to show up on your yield map.  Add the Light Bar and the GPS 4100 and you can even perform guidance while harvesting in non-row crop conditions... preventing excess overlap, increasing efficiency

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