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The Next Level of Precision Farming

The new INSIGHT from Ag Leader takes precision farming to the next level. Featuring a 10.4-inch color touch screen display, you won’t find a precision farming system that offers you more in-depth, bottom-line, decision making insights. 

Record all of your field activities – from planting to harvest. Command most popular planter, sprayer, anhydrous or injection rate controllers and record applied rates throughout the season. Monitor yield and moisture at harvest and see your maps being generated in real-time. INSIGHT gives you the power to clearly see what's happening in your field, while you are still in it!

Seeing is Believing

INSIGHT’S color touch screen isn’t just for looks. Here are just a few of the features that can help you make more profitable decisions.

  • NEW for Fall 2004!  Auto-steer your vehicle equipped with the Trimble AgGPS® AutopilotTM conveniently through the INSIGHT display while application rate or yield mapping. 
  • Generate color maps while planting and see the location of each hybrid or variety.
  • View target rate and color prescription maps with legend while generating real-time variable rate application maps.
  • Create and view color yield and moisture maps while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield.
  • See a boundary map showing field perimeter in all field operations.
  • Zoom in/out and pan map to see points of interest.
  • Summary screen displays a complete data summary from the field.

Ag Leader Technology Teams with Trimble for Interface to AgGPS Autopilot System 


The sub-inch Trimble AgGPS Autopilot automated guidance system allows growers to maximize productivity and efficiency through improved placement of crop inputs, extended working hours and reduced costs. Growers are able to focus their attention on the task they are performing rather than concentrate on steering. This improves the results of the operation and reduces driver fatigue.

Our plan with the INSIGHT display is to move it from our Autopilot controlled planter tractor to our self-propelled sprayer to our Autopilot combine and drive the same rows down to the inch all year long," said Steve Cubbage from Cubbage Farms, who tested the system earlier this year. “The monitor completes the full Autopilot picture. There's nothing out there better or more complete. Plus the hidden bonus is the support you get from the company that practically invented precision farming.”

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