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Canine Breeder Professional Diet
This premium high-protein, high-energy diet is recommended for healthy adult dogs. The all-natural formula is also ideal for the performance of show and hunting dogs and enhancing the optimum milking ability of pregnant and nursing mothers. Meat-based, nutrient-dense Professional Diet helps maintain your dog's healthy condition, bright eyes and shiny coat.

Canine Breeder Professional Puppy Diet
This diet fuels your puppy's high-energy needs up to one year of age. This tasty meat-based, no-soy premium formula is high in proteins essential for rapidly developing muscles, skin, bone and connective tissues. It's also highly digestible resulting in low stool volume for less clean up.

Canine Breeder Professional Diet Plus+
This premium, highly digestible formula contains even higher levels of protein and fat for dogs under high-stress conditions and those with greater energy needs. Feed it during show season, hunting season, hard winters and to dogs recovering from surgery or starvation.

Gold-N Pro Dog Food
Gold-N Pro is a complete and balanced diet formulated specifically for the increased stress and activity of hunting and working dogs. Added protein and fat give your dog the extra strength and energy his body demands.

Gold-N Rich Dog Food
Gold-N Rich is a complete and balanced diet formulated for adult dogs with an average activity level. It contains all the nutrients and energy

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