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Intensive soil sampling
Pinpoint soil nutrient deficiencies in your field. Intensive soil sampling is used to determine the spatial variability of nutrients and soil characteristics in a field or pasture. The spatial variability from the soil sampling results allows for plant foods and lime to be applied using variable-rate technology. 


For more Information Contact Ken Harvey 660-341-5196

Management recommendations
Offer practical solutions to soil variability. Our Certified Crop Advisers and staff agronomists make recommendations based on collected and analyzed field data to provide you with cost-effective options.

The soil test map helps you:

  • visualize where each sample was taken
  • evaluate the sampling scheme
  • see the coverage area of an intensive sampling scheme  

Like any successful businessman, a farmer needs to know his inventory. And knowing soil nutrient and pH levels is critical to achieving healthy and high-yielding crops. The truth is, your soil inventory is constantly changing based on crop removal. That’s why MFA offers a wide range of soil testing services from conventional sampling to our more intensive Precision Advantage programs. Accurate, geo-referenced soil tests provide you and your MFA crop advisor with the information necessary to maximize the potential of every field. Soil tests give you the knowledge to make informed decisions. Contact MFA Agri Services in Kahoka.


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