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MFA Health Track Beef Alliance  01/13/06 2:56:33 PM

The cattle business ain't what it used to be. Consumers demand consistent product—and packers are giving them what they want. That means cattle producers who can deliver assured quality earn a premium price at market. But how do you do that? With MFA Health Track Beef Alliance. MFA Health Track is a sophisticated management system that takes the guesswork out of beef production for you, and the uncertainty out of buying for the packer. To find out about MFA Health Track, call 888-514-BEEF.

For more Information Contact Gene Bair 660-727-3371

Adapting to significant changes in the beef industry is crucial to most livestock producers. The MFA Health Track Beef Alliance is the leading beef marketing program that identifies and properly conditions calves so that they meet the demands of cattle buyers. That translates into profitable sales for producers. No matter how you market your calves, the program utilizes the integrity of EID based records so that calves qualify for source-verified or process-verified branded beef alliances.

What's more, MFA Health Track enhances producer profitability by providing producers access to production, marketing and carcass value information to insure that their beef genetics meet demanding industry targets for consistency.

Today, there are several feeder calf alliances in the industry but none compare to the MFA Health Track Beef Alliance. This unique program combines standardized nutrition, Wean Vac 45 processing and Beef Quality Assurance certification.

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